Elven Fairy Star Septagram Necklace

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"The septagram, or Faerie Star, is used instead of, or with, the Pentagram by many Faerie and Celtic-based traditions. The seven points represent the Sun, the Forest (or Wood), the Sea, Magic, the Moon, the Wind, and Connection (or Spirit). An alternative set of definitions rests upon use of the Faerie or Elven Star as a gateway to the Otherworld; each point of the star is one of the entrances to the Faerie Realm, a pathway, or the 7 rays of manifestation of the Higher Self, as follows: 1st point – Power, Personal Will and Determination 2nd point – Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Growth 3rd point – Knowledge and Intelligence 4th point – Harmony and Tranquility 5th point – Powers of Mind and Science 6th point – Devotion and Honesty 7th point – Magic The points blend with each other, nurturing and joining us as one with the Universe, bestowing personal and spiritual transformation."

It is also the star used in the series, Games of Thrones, symbolizing their seven gods. Charm is made from Steel and measures 33mm and comes on a long, black, para cord.

(The fifth photo shows a rainbow being cast upon the fairy star. The fairy star does not come with any rainbow coloring, however, when there are fairies around who knows what unusual phenomenon could occur!)