Siren's Treasure Skeleton Mermaid Mask

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Looking for something unique?  Social Distance in style.  These face masks are made in the fitted style with unique fabrics and are reversible and washable!  The mask features two distinctly different fabrics so it is easy  to remember which side you are wearing facing out.  One side features a cotton skeleton mermaid fabric.  The other side features black and white floral cotton fabric.

Please note ---- The masks are handmade with care so each mask will vary slightly from the photo depending on the section of fabric used in making the mask.

They fit from under the chin to over the nose with an aluminum nose bridge sewn into the nose piece to help hold the mask in place. 


Ties - One Size fits most adults.

Elastic Head Loops- One size fits most adults

Ear Loops- Will be made extra long and tied in a knot.  You can adjust the knot based on your size needs.  

Please message me if you would like to request a child size mask.