Chainmaille, Mithril Appearing Genie Mask For Renaissance Faires, Cosplay & LARP

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This mask looks like Chainmaille or Mithril! It is actually made from a silvery or gold mesh material, backed by black linen. Great for Cosplay, Renaissance Faires and LARP!

The Genie mask hugs the face and chin and also leaves room to breathe.  This mask is great for outdoor wear especially in heat and long days at a LARP or Renaissance Faire. 

The open nature of this mask will better allow projection of the voice.  This is great for vendors and performers who need to project their voice, but also stay safe!

The ear loops are adjustable.  It comes with an aluminum fitted nose bridge to hold it in place. It is fully washable.  The charm on the bottom is to weight it down and the charm can be unclipped for when the mask is washed.  

Due to the mesh fabric nature of this mask it must be hand washed and air dried.